With effect from 25 May 2018, the Data Protection Act 1998 will be replaced by the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as amended by the UK Data Protection Bill.

Contact of members by the Club:
Under GDPR, members must agree to be contacted by the Club in connection to club activities.
The ASRC has compiled an email addresses distribution list so that we can contact our members in connection with club activities. The membership application form includes options to opt-in or opt-out of email communication. Members can opt-out at any time.
The Club fully endorses and adheres to the principles of Data Protection legislation and will:
  • Only collect information needed for the administration of the Club
  • Keep the information secure
  • Ensure the information is relevant and up to date
  • Only hold as much information as we need and for as long as we need
  • Only use the information to contact members if we have the specific approval of members
  • Allow Members to see the information held on request.
Information Held:
Information provided by members on their application forms is held on password controlled membership software. The data comprises:
  • Adult members:   Name, address, telephone numbers and email.
  • Junior members:   As above plus date of birth.
All membership data will be deleted when a member ceases membership for any reason.

Use of Information by the Club:
Data is transferred to the Bookit XML2010 database to allow members to book courts. Your name, phone numbers and email address will be accessible to other members of the ASRC via the XML2010 court booking system. Individual key fobs are coded up against members accounts.
Payne Automation UK supply the court booking system, they have issued a statement describing their obligations to ensure full GDPR compliance.
Data can be used by Club management to contact members related to Club activities if you opt-in to email communication.
Data will NEVER be passed to other third parties or used in any way not directly related to Club activities.

The membership database is held on the XML2010 server. The software is password controlled. Access to all the data is limited to the membership Secretary. Members can see and amend their own data on the XML2010 server.

Right to see information held by the Club:
Members may contact the Membership Secretary to see a copy of the information held for them on the membership database.

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