Child Protection

The Child Protection Officer at the ASRC is Helen Knowles.

The Child Protection Officer (CPO) provides a vital link between the strategies and guidance at national level and the action and delivery at local level. The club treats safeguarding children as a vital part of the delivery of a safe, enjoyable and healthy sport and where parents and players will take child safety as of paramount importance. The CPO will help to co-ordinate and advise in this area of their club's activities, with the support and backing of the Committee and Coaches. The Club CPO can also help to make sure that any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.

England Squash and the ASRC strongly recommend any junior playing against an adult bring along their parent, guardian or a suitable representative that is over 18 years old. This will help protect both the child and adult.

Relevent documents
Parent Consent Form
Child Protection Policy Statement
Child Protection Officer
Safeguarding and Protecting Young People

You can contact Helen by email on:

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