Squash Ladder

The Squash Ladder highlights the high standard of our top players and emphasize the strength in depth at the club. It also provides a competitive element for those members not able to commit to the monthly boxes and is a wonderful inducement to our thriving junior members to climb the ladder as their game improves. The basic rules are outlined below.

Remember playing competitive games against different people can only improve your playing standard and your fitness level.

  1. All box games qualify as a challenge.
  2. Apart from box games maximum one challenge per week and restrictions as outlined below.
  3. Challenge up to 2 places above within top 18 rankings.
  4. Challenge up to 3 places above for position 19.
  5. Challenge up to 4 places above within rankings 20 to 54.
  6. Open challenge from ranking 54 down up to a ceiling at position 50.
  7. New entries to be allowed two 'free' challenges to allow them to find their level.

    Match Results
  1. Best of 5 games.
  2. American scoring Rankings 1 - 15. Standard scoring the remainder.
  3. If the match is not concluded in 45 minutes it may be continued at a later time or date if both parties agree. Any completed games will stand; an uncompleted game must be restarted.

    Reporting Successful Challenges
  1. Report via email (preferably) or text to Dennis Walker quoting names, respective positions and match score.
  2. Results will be processed in strict chronological order.

The Ladder will be updated and posted on the club website & behind the courts once a month.

The current Squash Ladder can be found in the Members Area.

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